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  • Suffering from feelings of stress/anxiety ?

  • Feeling burnt out? Lacking in motivation and energy?

  • Feeling like you have sold your soul to the corporate world and looking to get it back?

  • Ruminating over the past , dreading the future and squirming in the present?

  • Engaging in destructive / addictive behaviours ?

  • Feeling like you are no longer in control of your own life?

  • Having moments where life seems meaningless or lacking in direction?

If action is not taken, things can get worse;  or at best we just muddle on , enduring the same pain. 
We only get once chance at this life!
Please do not waste any more of your precious time by suffering unnecessarily.

Having previously experienced anxiety , cycles of dark depression for decades and burn out,
I know exactly how uncomfortable those feelings are. I also know how to get out of it .

I spent years seeing therapists for my feelings of depression / anxiety(and more) talking about the problem , session after session . Often going over the same old stories of the past.
I often wondered if the therapists truly understood my problems
Talking is good… but that alone did not get me the results I required.

What completely transformed my life , was a blend of techniques such as Mindfulness,  Life Coaching and NLP.

We need to take full responsibility for own lives; defining our own vision and outcomes.
Stop focusing so much on the problem, time to work on the solution! Sometimes we need a bit of help in doing that.

In my case, I already knew a lot of helpful techniques(mindfulness for example) for optimal wellbeing. But I still had that pesky social anxiety on occasions. What clicked everything into place was seeing a life coach. One of the results of seeing an accredited life coach was it fired me into taking action , facing my social anxiety. I went about this by setting goals around public speaking. I now regularly give public talks and social anxiety, which plagued me for decades is a thing of the past!

The good news is that you do not need to wait years for the results!
Working with me as your coach , I will help you to quickly find your way out of your unique situation and move away from those unpleasant feelings.
Defining a vision and start living a fulfilling and meaningful life .

Example benefits of working with me as your Coach/Mentor

  • Get rid of those painful feelings! Feel better about yourself. Look forward to your future.

  • Replace negative behaviours, for healthier/positive ones.

  • Find whats important to you. Your meaning, purpose and values.

  • Gain confidence in your own capabilities

  • Map out your vision, set and achieve your dream life goals

  • Incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life:-

    • Be present with friends and family.

    • Be aware of thoughts /feelings but not being overwhelmed by them

    • More focus on whatever activity you are engaged in.

Get in touch

You are invited to email/call/text me (whatever is most comfortable for you).
If you are comfortable, let me know a little about what is going on with you and what you would like to achieve from coaching. I can tell you how coaching works with me and importantly we can find out if we are compatible to successfully work together. I guarantee you will get something useful from our call that you can use in your life right away.

I do understand that sometimes with anxiety, a call can feel a bit daunting. Remember I do know how that feels. If preferred, feel free to email and ask questions about my coaching or go ahead with a booking

We can work face to face, online, on phone... or a tailored combination.

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Phone:  07908 784601


Please note I am a coach that gets results quickly, but I am not a medical/mental health professional. Always seek medical advice from GP if required. If things are really bad , please contact one of these organisations immediately :- emergency

I hold current Insurance and am an accredited Life Coach and NLP master practitioner
Also registered on https://www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/lifecoaches/jason-barlow

Donkeys do not need life coaching or nlp. They are already extremely mindful. But it can be very beneficial for us humans

Donkeys do not need life coaching or nlp. They are already extremely mindful. But it can be very beneficial for us humans