About Jason. A Mindful Life Coach 

BEATING Anxiety , Depression and THE false friends of addiction

I am a coach who has been through similar kind of pain that you are experiencing now.
Anxiety was with me from a young age and it lasted , untreated , for decades. Depression was there too and it was often very dark.
As is often the case , I turned to false friends such as Alcohol/Gambling to alleviate the pain. None of which helped in the long run of course.

Despite all this , I maintained a successful career in the corporate world.

I decided to take a path of wellbeing. In 2005, I started practicing Mindfulness and Meditation , which were a huge help with the false friends from my life. Further action , trying out different frameworks, was still required for the optimal mental health wellbeing and vision for a bright future that I desired.

My full journey out of the darkness, into a happy light … summarised in a single sentence for an “About “ webpage:
Mindfulness , NLP , Life Coaching, Martial Arts, Yoga, Sober Raves, finding purpose/meaning, elements of Secular Buddhism and Stoic Philosophy, Public Speaking groups

After directly experiencing the benefits of coaching,NLP, mindfulness (and more) , I decided that helping others using these techniques was what I wanted to do as a career. I earned my accreditation through intense training with one the UK’s most respected professional NLP/Life Coaches.

Social Anxiety used to be a huge problem for me. Now , using the techniques I can coach you with, I enjoy delivering talks at Mental Health Support groups and Wellbeing festivals.

I am a firm believer in utilising whatever works best for your own optimal wellbeing.

Getting the most out of your life , requires action.
As your coach / mentor, guiding you to wherever you want to be, is my primary objective.

I invite you to call or email me to discuss options of working together and/or available appointments
Mail:  jasonbarlow.coaching@gmail.com Phone:  07799732069

Locations: London / Islington , Reading , Guildford