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In a slump ? Dr Seuss was right it is hard to un-slump … but anything is possible with belief, determination , effort and support!

The challenge uses old and new skool wellbeing shizzle. All secular stuff… a mix n match selection taken from buddhism, stoicism , coaching and a whole load of other stuff I used to un-slump myself.
This is a real , no fluff , FREE challenge :-)
(Okay I’ll probably ask for testimonials ..but only if ya like it ..but that’s it.)

-Topics below (1 topic each week).
-Recorded talk.
-Goals set based on the topic , then a facebook live with Q&A at the end of each week.
-Facebook group for some accountability and support.(or email if preferred

Look at our values. Our purpose.
Knowing our purpose, will keep us going when the shit goes down (ya better get ready)...
Evaluate out purpose , our values, see how we are doing on our values and set goals round them. That sounds absolutely epic , even if I do say so myself

Mindfulness is the business… we all know that .. (I said a swear word to make me sound kinda hip) Sample benefits of mindfulness and meditation .

-be more productive . being an alert focused mofo gets ya stuff done!
-being present ..sounds corny but it’s true .
-catching those pesky negative thoughts before they get carried away
-Better listener. Just listen. Your family and friends will be amazed . 😃
-Great for beating any addictive nonsense
-dieting / eating behaviours can change . Being Mindfully aware of what we are eating is huge
-… and much more 😃

Discuss the benefits of exercise, holistic stuff and healthy consumption on our wellbeing.
Including discussions on plant based/vegan wonderment and that old chestnut alcohol

💚 4. Get all Stoic like with some Intermittent Fasting
We’ve built up some resilience and control at this stage.. Let’s discuss and partake in some Intermittent Fasting action. What better way to prepare for the Christmas shenanigans !.

Email to . I'll send a facebook group link which will be used for the facebook lives + recordings

Mindfulness and more

Mindfulness is great … . but add some life coaching and nlp for even better results :-)

Mindfulness is great … . but add some life coaching and nlp for even better results :-)

Don’t get me wrong. I love mindfulness. Been doing it for yonks . I can teach you mindfulness.
Having present time awareness, acknowledging ..but not getting carried away with crappy thoughts/ blinding!

Sometimes when I drive my car...doing the mindful thing... its bliss.. no radio.. drive safe.. I am the car... i’m not stuck in traffic....I am traffic... :-). I have bit of a nice warm refreshing buzz after a long mindful drive...err..honest ;-) . BUT ..... no way would I claim mindfulness solves everything.

For example, I used to have, what's known as 'social anxiety. Sure...I could calm it down a bit with focused mindful breathing.... I can be mindfully aware that 'Im anxious!'. But that don’t solve it. Just sat there saying nowt.

Facing it head on with some action was the most helpful way for me. Popped down to toastmasters and other speaking events...well I eventually popped down there.

I used some bits from the NLP/ life coaching to actually help get my self down there and standup in front of an audience. (yeah some mindfulness applied during the talking.)..

what i'm saying is....mix n match ....find whatever works for you.. We are all different.
I have a PDF on my mailing list.. that lists some core things which I think can be very useful if we apply them to our busy lives. Sure theres an email sign up but hey its good content :-)

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limited no fee sessions available

Hey , 
I have a limited number of no fee sessions available.
They  would be 6 full sessions..each having a duration of at least one hour.  See my "About Time" for more info on what we can cover in these sessions

So..what I am getting out of this ? What's the catch ? 
No catch , these are the same as paid sessions ,  they are added to my list of case studies as part of my Life Coach certification . .

Note , if we were to carry on working together after the 6 sessions..there would be charges for additional  sessions.   

Some of the slots would be for online/skype style sessions. The rest face to face.

Face to face meetings locations (flexible) 
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If you would like to speak to me about these..or get your name down... Please  get in touch via the Contacts page.

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