Mindfulness and more

Mindfulness is great … . but add some life coaching and nlp for even better results :-)

Mindfulness is great … . but add some life coaching and nlp for even better results :-)

Don’t get me wrong. I love mindfulness. Been doing it for yonks . I can teach you mindfulness.
Having present time awareness, acknowledging ..but not getting carried away with crappy thoughts/feelings...is blinding!

Sometimes when I drive my car...doing the mindful thing... its bliss.. no radio.. drive safe.. I am the car... i’m not stuck in traffic....I am traffic... :-). I have bit of a nice warm refreshing buzz after a long mindful drive...err..honest ;-) . BUT ..... no way would I claim mindfulness solves everything.

For example, I used to have, what's known as 'social anxiety. Sure...I could calm it down a bit with focused mindful breathing.... I can be mindfully aware that 'Im anxious!'. But that don’t solve it. Just sat there saying nowt.

Facing it head on with some action was the most helpful way for me. Popped down to toastmasters and other speaking events...well I eventually popped down there.

I used some bits from the NLP/ life coaching to actually help get my self down there and standup in front of an audience. (yeah some mindfulness applied during the talking.)..

what i'm saying is....mix n match ....find whatever works for you.. We are all different.
I have a PDF on my mailing list.. that lists some core things which I think can be very useful if we apply them to our busy lives. Sure theres an email sign up but hey its good content :-) https://www.jasonbarlowcoaching.com/free-ebook/

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