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In early 2017,  I was in a mental health clinic and quite frankly, I was a nervous wreck.
Back then, my fear of being in groups of people was so great , I felt I needed to take sedatives just to go out with a visiting friend to a local restaurant.

Being around groups of people made me nervous. I would freeze. I could panic.  
I never spoke up. No confidence whatsoever.

Those feelings had been with me, all of my life. Things did not improve as I got older. To be honest,  they got worse! Not helped by the fact that I used false friends such as alcohol to try and mask my fear.

Since late 2017 , I have delivered numerous talks at wellbeing seminars/festivals  and even taken up stand up comedy. Banishing 30+ years of the fear that had plagued me whenever in groups of people.

Today: When I am in groups , I am calm, confident and relaxed. I make myself heard.
These are words that I would never have imagined using when describing myself.

How did I change so dramatically ?  
Well, firstly, I wanted to change. I gave up booze and I was willing to try anything .
I spent hundreds of hours on a wellbeing and personal development quest.

I engaged in Meditation and Mindfulness which are fantastic and helped in terms of being calmer, but not so much on the confidence.  
So , when practicing mindfulness I could be around groups with less fear, but would still not speak up. That was a great improvement, but not enough for me.

Despite complete and utter scepticism,I invested in NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach accredited training . Following the simple techniques I learned in this training, and applying them, is what got me the results I desired.

When I say results, I mean results.  I changed me from being nervous wreck, needing sedatives just to go to a pizza joint, to being able to perform in front of hundreds of strangers completely sober.   

Do you want to change?
If you would like to be more calm and confident, the good news is you do not need to spend hundreds of hours researching, in therapy or spend thousands on NLP training.

Please note: The only requirement I do ask from my clients , is a willingness to apply what I teach you.

When you work with me, the first consultation is free.
This helps us both, we can see if we are suited for working with each other.
Even if it does not work out, I guarantee that you will pick up some useful techniques you can apply straight away from the first consultation.

The consultation can be on the phone or online.
To book , Email jason@jasonbarlowcoaching.com or call 07908 784601

Please note I am a coach that gets results quickly, but I am not a medical/mental health professional. Always seek medical advice from GP if required. If things are really bad , please contact one of these organisations immediately :- emergency
I hold current Insurance and am an accredited Life Coach and NLP master practitioner
Also registered on https://www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/lifecoaches/jason-barlow

Donkeys do not need life coaching or nlp. They are already extremely mindful. But it can be very beneficial for us humans

Donkeys do not need life coaching or nlp. They are already extremely mindful. But it can be very beneficial for us humans