Debbie L. January 2019

I am rather new to mindfulness and meditation - it is something I had dabbled with a little but never truly explored. In late 2018 I found myself in an unpleasant place mental-health wise - I was battling with grief, deep sadness and anxiety following the unexpected end to my 3 year relationship. I was in a mess and I needed help.

In addition to seeking counselling sessions via my employer I also reached out in an entrepreneurship group I am a member of on Facebook - it was a cry for help at a time where the emotional, mental and physical impact of my grief had me in a downward spiral. I asked for help...and Jason answered.

Over the course of a few weeks Jason and I spoke via video-chat - during these sessions  Jason listened to my story and allowed me to explore my the negative thoughts and feelings that were stuck on repeat, with no judgement. He also shared some of his own story which, as someone who was making themselves vulnerable by opening up, was reassuring and helped me build trust and rapport with him. Jason shared some meditation techniques with me and we practiced them together - mindful breathing in particular is something I still use now, in addition to noting when negative thoughts pop up so I can better manage them.

Jason also shared an eBook he had prepared - it was chock-full of mindfulness related info, and it is all things Jason has tried and tested himself. A really handy reference for me to dip into when iā€™m in need of a refresher. Not only that but Jason also emailed me after each our mindfulness sessions to share further thoughts, insights and links (e.g. Pema Chodron videos on YouTube).

A top bloke all round - would recommend highly.